Everyone on your team is working to capacity.  Their plates overflow with priorities.  Corporate meeting planning is usually the province of executive assistants, already up to their eyeballs and juggling one hundred balls (at least). PPS Meetings’ expert corporate meeting planning extends your capacity, helping to keep your staff on track.  When your operation’s in-house pros are going a million miles an hour with their hair on fire, our experienced planners take on the detailed work of corporate meeting planning.

The Peak Pros™.

PPS Meetings has a not-so-secret weapon in our Peak Pros™.  They’re your first class ticket to outsourced corporate meeting planning.  Their professionalism sets them apart.  Acting as extensions of your operation’s in-house staff, these logistics gurus stick with you from site selection to registration.  They attend to every detail, including presentation prep and speaker scheduling.  Their knowledge of vendors regionally, nationally and internationally is legendary. Peak Pros™ are keen negotiators, getting you the best deal possible on your meeting site, room blocks, and meals.  Because they’re experienced, they manage vendors with the kind of savvy you’d expect from your own staff.

Working with you.

At PPS, we work with small to medium-sized businesses, planning, organizing and implementing corporate meetings which accommodate from 10 to 500 people.  Your corporate travel coordinator works with us, as our professionals draw on in-house knowledge to implement precise travel arrangements, incorporating all changes as we go. We build a bridge between your staff’s knowledge and our planners’ expertise.  Our pricing is customized to your budget.  We keep you up to date on line items throughout the planning process.

Logistical precision.

No logistics challenge can’t be met by our Peak Pros™.  They’re experienced professionals with the logistical precision you need to execute your corporate meeting seamlessly.  With their unparalleled knowledge and expertise, you can expect your meeting to be realized without a hitch. It’s what Peak Pros™ do.  It’s all they do.  When corporate meeting planning is your profession and not something you’re scrambling to manage off the side of your desk, you can bet it gets done right. Peak Pros™ partner with your in-house specialists to ensure all itinerary changes are incorporated.  No ball is dropped.  Nothing falls off the plate.  Because they’re pros, you can count on their effortless logistical implementation to get people to your meeting and offer them a five-star experience throughout.

Corporate meeting planning with PPS.

Your staff is pushed to the limit.  You need to outsource your corporate meeting planning to people who know the ropes.  At PPS Meetings, we offer logistical precision, customized service and profound depth of implementation.  With PPS, your organizational capacity is stretched to provide you with the high quality you’ve come to expect from your staff. Meeting planning involves detail-oriented work that lets no bullet point slip between the cracks.  When you need to keep your staff on track, you need professional corporate meeting planning that catches the ball before it hits the floor. Contact us and discover premium corporate meeting planning.  At PPS, it’s what we do.

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