In order for employee incentives to be effective, they have to be relevant. The incentives have to actually correspond to the employees so they'll have an impact on their work. In other words, businesses shouldn't give movie gift cards to employees that don't like going to the movies or restaurant gift cards to employees that like cooking on their own.   If your office is filled with sports fanatics, than a good employee incentive would be sports tickets. Although flat screen TVs and surround sound systems can simulate a sports game, they're still not the same thing. When someone or a family visits a sports game, the atmosphere and mood are just as important as the game.   The next step knows which sports your employees like. It isn't exactly hard to figure this out; if your employees like sports, chances are they're talking about them all the time. Choosing the right sport, however, is imperative. A hockey fan won't be as excited to see the NBA playoffs as he would be to see the Stanley Cup. Another thing you have to consider is the time of year you'd like to offer the incentive. Summer is coming up and winter sports are now coming to an end. The NBA and NHL playoffs are over and those tickets won't be available again until October. There are, however, a few different summer sports to choose from. Baseball, America's Past Time, starts in late March or early April and goes all the way until the end of September or early October. Baseball games offer a great atmosphere for friends, couples, or families looking to enjoy a day or night game. In addition, there are still a few major golf tournaments that your employees might be interested in, such as The Open Championship and the PGA Championship. If you're employees like golf, both choices would make for a great incentive. If you would like assistance in planning a sports employee incentive, contact us.

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