Do you crave a great, Presidents' Club destination that has its own cultural identity and is not overrun with tourists? If so, Bahias de Huatulco may prove to be the answer to your prayers. In our travel incentive planner's experience, it is one spot in Mexico that has unprecedented beauty, unspoiled terrain, few crowds and a cultural vibe all its own.   To find this Mexican oasis, you’ll need to look 400+ miles southeast of Acapulco and 30+ miles east of Pochutla. Once you set your sights on it, you’ll quickly come to realize why Bahias de Huatulco is not your typical tropical location. Unlike its contemporaries, Bahias de Huatulco’s residents strive to make the region as eco-friendly as possible. As such, to date the region has won multiple awards and certifications for its efforts, including the prestigious Green Globe 21. Of course Green Globe Certification is about more than just the environment. It also requires its certified members to protect their region’s cultural heritage, communities and sustainable resources. That’s why you’ll find places in the region like the Copalita Eco-Archaeological Park, Hagia Sofia Botanical Gardens, Playa San Agustin and Playa Cacaluta.   Bahias de Huatulco’s charms obviously extend beyond its certifications and eco-friendly mindset. It’s also home to lively communities like La Crucecita and Tangolunda Bay. Despite receiving their fair share of visitors over the years, they have both retained a strong sense of heritage. It can be seen in the local restaurant’s menus, town squares, various shops and markets. The Los Gallos restaurant in La Crucecita is a prime example. They serve affordable, authentic Bahias de Huatulco fare like huaraches de nopal, chilaquiles, tlayudas, tostadas and enchiladas. The list of other restaurants that stay true to Bahias de Huatulco’s culinary roots includes Café Juanita, Albahaca and Terra-Cotta. To learn more about incorporating Bahias de Huatulco and other great President’s Club destinations into your company’s programs, please contact Peak Performance & Incentives today. As a full-service incentive reward and meeting planning company, we can help make your firm’s President’s Club the talk of the town.

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