Your team members may not readily admit to the fact (and you make a mental note to laud the trainers' efforts in teaching the proper company values and culture to each new hire), but at one point or another as they perform their routine tasks and meet their deadlines, they're sure to have pictured themselves frolicking in a dreamy tropical island or taking part in a breathtaking tour of a distinguished foreign city —instead of sitting at a desk, punching away at a keyboard, or photocopying files for an upcoming presentation.   Indeed, it's no secret that work can occupy much of the minds, hearts and schedules of employees, leaving little by way of opportunities to unwind, indulge and enjoy themselves. If their employer were to continuously stress the urgency of deadlines, quotas and numbers, the atmosphere within the organization can become strained — professional and productive, yes, but strained nonetheless.   However, if an employer were to put together measures to effectively motivate and inspire team members to put in their best effort, and to fairly reward exemplary performance, employees can be driven to contribute more to help the company meet its major objectives and goals. To this end, international incentive travel plans can be just the thing the organization needs.   Why travel? Incentives have long been utilized to encourage employees to hit certain targets or clinch specific achievements. In some circumstances, recognition or acknowledgment for valuable contributions and a job well done are more than enough to fuel employees' motivation. In others, however, team members can better appreciate their employer's efforts to highlight their good work through the provision of cash rewards or special prizes.   But however helpful a cash bonus or higher wages may be, they may not be as effective in demonstrating the company's intent to generously reward talent and hard work. Rather than offer money which will quickly slip through your team members' fingers, why not provide an extraordinary experience — something that they will not easily forget, like a trip abroad to a marvelous destination?   Why international travel? Of course, sending your top performers to travel destinations within the same country can be an unforgettable experience, too. But something about knowing that your bosses took the time to hire a corporate incentive company to arrange an international travel opportunity for the cream of the crop illustrates how genuine the employer's desire to reward excellent performance is.   When plane tickets, hotel rooms and a packed itinerary are involved, you know that your organization means business. It shows that it is happy to invest in the top employee's satisfaction and pride in being part of the team. A beach holiday in the Caribbean, a sojourn into a winter wonderland, a dazzling foray into one of the world's top shopping meccas, or a journey that immerses a person into the untamed wild of a nature expedition — any one of these experiences are sure to help an employee enjoy a much-deserved break from the rigors of work, dive into new experiences, and come home with plenty of stories to tell, recharged vitality, and greater appreciation for the organization's level of care afforded to its staff.

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