There can be no doubt it: Incentives, in any form, can work wonders to help organizations achieve all their sales goals. Travel rewards, in particular, have been known to be effective in boosting employee motivation and engagement, which eventually translates to an increase in office productivity and improvement in the quality and output of their work.

Your sales team, however, is not the only unit that keeps your company going. Your organization also relies on other employees who have different roles and responsibilities that keep company operations running smoothly and efficiently. As such, they should also be included in your travel incentive program.

But if your employees won’t be rewarded because they are helping with increasing product or company sales, what should their target goals be? Below are some corporate objectives you can set that employees can work hard to achieve travel incentive certificates for:

  1. Better quality of customer service. Nearly all your employees will have to deal with customers from time to time. Although they won’t be selling your products or offering your services,they may be offering after-purchase assistance or helping them solve some technical issues. You can reward employees that receive consistently high customer satisfaction scores. However, make sure that you will be using a rating system that improves customer experience, not just the efficiency of your staff.
  2. Cost reduction in the workplace.All businesses are always looking for ways and means to reduce costs in the workplace. You can look at the different resources that seem to be eating a chunk of your monthly budget: for example, electricity and water consumption or paper usage. You can then set a group target, such as a 30% reduction within six monthsin these expenses. If this objective is met, the savings you incur can go to a local travel incentive for your team.
  3. Having a more eco-friendly office.There are various eco-friendly initiatives you can choose from and implement in your office. These include having employees use refillable water bottles, recycling K-Cups, carpooling, or even cycling or walking to work. You can thenreward the chosen activity, either as a group or individually.
  4. Workplace or process improvements. Most offices have a suggestion box that is simply tucked in a corner, collecting dust but rarely receiving anything from employees.Consider replacing this with an online suggestion portal and offer travel rewards for approved entriesor ideas that are implemented in the workplace.

All your high-performing and loyal employees need to be rewarded from time to time. By implementing more objectives that your staff can work hard for, it won’t just be your employees benefiting from your incentives, but your business as a whole as well.

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