concertOne of the leading efforts of companies in ensuring competitiveness in the industry is the provision of a carefully designed employee compensation and rewards or incentive program. With this important provision, not only do they effectively demonstrate progress but they also secure all the people behind their operational success. According to business experts, a well-created compensation and rewards program has the power to reinforce strong values that benefit the company such as appreciation, employee satisfaction and loyalty, and high quality productivity. For prize employees – those workers who are considered the movers and shakers of the organization – considered one of the best “rewards” for their dedicated hard work is a travel incentive,mainly because it presents the perfect opportunity to temporarily get away from the usual scene. Social scientists claim that it’s highly beneficial for high-performing employees to stay away from work for anywhere from a couple to several days either to unwind or create new experiences, because after that, they emerge fully recharged and armed with more ideas to contribute to the organization. Travel is one of those experiences that never fail to create a fresh perspective, so there’s never been any doubt that it would serve as a fantastic incentive for important employees. Incentive travel companies that are hired to design a travel package for competitive companies have their work cut out for them. It’s not enough that they find nice travel destinations and accommodations; they are required to integrate special experiences in the package as well so the incentive would prove to be greatly valuable for the employees rewarded it, as well as the company. A top incentive travel company has listed the top three experiences to include in a travel incentive that will be advantageous to the employee and company, and they are provided below.

  1. Offsite casual business meeting – Yes, travel incentives should provide an opportunity to get away from work demands, but it’s also a great opportunity to expand networks for the business. The meeting will not eat up too much of the trip or the main goal; it’s just an inclusion that can demonstrate to the employee his value to the organization, and serve as a chance for socialization.
  2. Wellness program – Massages and a variety of spa treatments are experiences hardworking employees look forward to. They can get rid of all the tension they have in the bodies and regain strength and focus afterwards. Likewise, providing time to engage in physical activities and including healthy dining experiences are perfect demonstrations of how the organization values their health and wellness.
  3. Entertainment – Concerts and other performances are not only fun but they also allow people to just let loose a bit and not worry about work.

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