There are people in your staff who could become future leaders of the company. It only makes sense for you to try and retain these top performers and prepare them to take over the reins for the next couple (or several) of decades. Part of this objective is introducing the incentive travel program. The incentive travel program, for a majority of businesses, has become a compelling and effective way to keep the best talents from joining other companies. It can also be very successful in motivating greater efficiencies, productivity, and overall, better results from some of your top performers and earners. So you want to get more out of your employee incentive travel program? Here are some recommended ways to go about it, without breaking the bank.   Allow greater access to senior executives. Give your top performers privileged access to the company’s most crucial decision makers. In one of your more important incentive travels, invite the top performers to join senior-level executives on board the private jet for an informal meeting. Arrange exclusive one-on-one sessions to foster greater connections between the two. In doing so, you open up new streams of learning for your top performers and you increase the value of senior executives by turning them into mentors. The remarkable new connections will strengthen your incentive travel program and, overall, benefit your business.   Encourage the sharing of innovative ideas. From senior level executives acting as mentors to fellow top performers becoming collaborators, your incentive travel program could do so much more when you host small forum discussions. Different top performers and earners will, naturally, follow different best practices and strategies. Why not bring these high performing employees together to come up with collaborative and new ideas that could propel your organization into the future?   Highlight the top performers. Nothing spells appreciation better than public recognition. Honor the great achievements of your top performers by promoting them in your company newsletters and your website.   Add criteria for your support staff on the incentive travel program. In some cases, your top earners might not have achieved their targets without the assistance of a support staff. Don’t leave the service employees or rank and file out of the incentive program. Encourage further good work and better results by adding criteria that also qualify them for the rewards program.   Emphasize the results—and how they were achieved. Finally, let your employees know about the tangible results that were achieved and how these achievements echo the company values and goals. Yes. Results are important, but so are the methods in which they were achieved. It’s important that the entire organization know that the top performers achieved targets in accordance with company values.

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