Corporate Travel Incentives undeniably drive profit for companies who deploy them.  On average, US companies see a return of more than $12 for every $1 spent on corporate travel programing.

That’s an ROI to love!

So, how do you get your employees to adopt the program you have in place?  Employee engagement is crucial to getting the most out of your travel program, so let’s examine how to drive corporate travel program adoption with the people who matter most – your employees.

Keep ‘em Happy

Consumer experience is just as important to your employees as it is to other consumers.  But are your travel management interfaces as friendly as they should be?

What are they missing?  Here’s what they should include to make user interface as friendly and engaging as possible:

If your corporate travel tools aren’t delivering these, they’re encouraging your employees to go “off road” to look for the experience they find most beneficial.  They want flexibility, which means you need to provide access to a vast array of options.

You also need to ensure that the tools you have in place offer flexibility that doesn’t hinder user travel planning.  And when they get stuck, who’s there to help?  A lack of support isn’t going to win any fans.

Make your corporate travel interfaces as simple, flexible and easy to use as possible, offering your employees an experience which rivals other options.  That’s what’s going to bring them (willingly) to the party.

Do You Care?

Sure, you care about your employees but does your travel management software reflect that?  If you’re not ensuring that they’re safe and comfortable while they’re out there doing your business, trust evaporates.

Trust is the element that binds people together and it’s no different in a corporate setting.  You need your employees to trust that you’re there when they need you and that you’re not going to leave them hanging when they’re stuck, far from home.

Building trust into your interface is expressed by quality and professionalism in the vendors and services your travel tools are offering.

Being There

Frequent business travelers know that anything can happen out there.  Changes in itineraries and schedules happen, so being there is part of maintaining a corporate travel program that your employees love and use as a matter of course.

The clearer you make your presence to employees (by your actions and flexibility in the event of sudden changes) the more confidence they’re going to have in your program and the more likely they are to adopt it.

Being there when they need you is key.

Incentive Travel Group

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