A steady client base is the foundation of a successful business. Many articles and blogs have extensive advice on how to ensure repeat business, but most fail to touch on one crucial component: employee motivation! Even the most thoroughly researched and constructed business model will fail if the employees responsible for implementing that model are not properly motivated. Employees are the lifeblood of the business; invest in their motivation in order to reap the rewards of client loyalty. Motivated employees feel appreciated and respected by management, and in turn want to do everything possible to continue to earn that appreciation and respect. This leads them to enable client loyalty in several ways. They ensure that your product or service is top notch before it ever reaches the client. Motivated employees are less likely to turn a blind eye to shortcomings or opportunities for improvement. The motivated employee is not satisfied with “good enough” because they have been recognized for doing above average work and want to continue to earn that recognition. They provide exceptional customer service. Motivated employees are solution driven, respectful and can even up sell your products and services without being pushy. They communicate professionally and effectively with clients and upper management alike, ensuring an unobstructed flow of directives and feedback. Contrast this with the unmotivated employee. Unmotivated employees will do just the bare minimum to avoid being reprimanded or fired. They will not contribute solutions nor will they go the extra mile for you or your clients. They don’t care about client loyalty or cultivating repeat business because they are not invested in your company beyond receiving a paycheck. Individual and group travel incentives are among the most popular and successful tools companies have at their disposal to motivate employees. They improve overall morale and employee performance which leads to more repeat business and client loyalty. For additional questions about travel incentives and employee motivation, please contact us.

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