Often, people think that the way to motivate employees is to offer them more of a challenge.  If you pit employees against each other, they’ll be more motivated to work hard and come out on top.  Although this method can occasionally be successful, it can also backfire.  Think of your employees like plants.  Some plants grow better in the sun while others grow better in the shade.  Some need more water while others need less water.  So if you give a sun-loving plant shade, it’s not going to respond as well.  And if you give a cactus too much water, it’s just going to die. So the way in which you motivate workers or give them employee incentives needs to vary from person to person.  One employee might like to work on additional challenges for additional pay.  Others might prefer the usual 9-5 because they have to go home to their families.  This doesn’t mean that the employee who is willing to stay overtime is better than the one who has to go home.  It’s just that they have different priorities and different working styles.  However, both can contribute an equal amount to the organization. Here are some ideas for incentives for different types of employees:

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