Are you one of those people who are enriched by experience instead of possession? You’ll find that the same can be said for many others out there, including your own staff. If you’ll examine the generic bucket list, you’ll notice that most entries are about accomplishing a feat or visiting a place instead of acquiring something. Wouldn’t you like to be instrumental in crossing off certain items from your employee’s list? For this reason and more, an incentive travel program has been one of the most popular forms of employee rewards. Besides allowing you to help sate your employees’ wanderlust, what are the other advantages of having an incentive travel program in place? Let’s take a look at it from the employer’s perspective. How does it benefit your organization to offer travel incentives to its staff?

  1. It breeds a positive corporate culture. Providing travel perks certainly allows you to show your appreciation for deserving employees. It impacts general mentality in such a way that it creates an organization culture wherein performance and contributions are acknowledged and valued.
  2. It allows recognition where it is due. It’s easy enough to hail hard work and achievements, but it’s important to recognize the people responsible for these results in a manner that goes beyond lip service. You need to have a way of rewarding good work beyond verbal commendation.
  3. It motivates top performers to stay. Your employees will learn soon enough that it pays to excel. You cannot offer salary raises and promotions every time, but you can still make sure that your top performers’ toil is not for naught by offering travel incentives. This way, you are able to inspire loyalty as well as motivate them to maintain or increase their level of performance.
  4. It encourages desired behaviors in meeting company goals, both financial and non-financial in nature. For starters, it spurs a spirit of friendly competition, which is constructive for the company. At the same time, it also drives your employees to work together as a team to achieve results. Such an incentive really works to push company objectives forward.

As fulfilling as it is to provide such an attractive perk for your staff, what makes it especially worthwhile is the way it benefits your company. Studies have clearly shown that incentive travel programs are very effective in enhancing productivity and achieving business goals. It definitely behooves you to consider adopting them for the sake of employee satisfaction and best business practices.

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