Motivation. Encouragement. Stimulus. Whatever other name you call “incentive,” it all boils down to one thing for those who get them: reward. Incentive programs generally give out weekend trips, packaged getaways, and luxury cruises to employees (and their spouses) who have achieved or exceeded performance targets. This may sound like a simple thing to implement — and perhaps even enjoyable — but certain factors can diminish the positive impact of an incentive program. For example, a poorly planned incentive trip (i.e., subpar accommodations in an uninspiring location) for your highest achieving sales team may discourage them from bringing your profits up the next quarter. An incentive travel house can appropriately conceptualize and execute incentive trips. By presenting your highest performing employees with the kind of trips they would appreciate and enjoy, and by making sure that all travel arrangements have been competently made, you give your best employees more reasons to be more productive. This, in turn, guarantees that you get returns on the investments you made on trips for the best employees. But more than delivering and executing incentive trips, incentive houses also improve your rewards program. Incentive houses have access to data and research that identify the best travel programs and the best rewards to offer high-performing employees. This means getting variety with activities you’ll offer and applying a less rigid schedule during the incentive travel, to allow for more leisurely time. Now, as any company knows, retaining the best workers and keeping them happy ensures that the organization stays on track with its goals. Incentive programs that are tailored to your employees and reflect current trends would prevent the best workers from jumping to another company. Moreover, incentive programs should not seem like an exclusive club that your other employees can’t seem to get into. While incentive travel is designed to tell your best performing sales team or executives that they have done exceedingly well, it should not alienate your other workers from improving their output. It should, ideally, inspire them to do better the next time around so that, they, too, can get the weekend trip to Miami or the Bahamas. Lastly, incentive travel houses can boost your business today by giving you long-term savings. With the right incentive house, your business can get leverage with suppliers (e.g., hotels, airlines, tour providers, etc.). The incentive house can also track and reassign tickets that are about to expire. And you’ll even get better discounts with an incentive house negotiating on your behalf.

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