An employee travel incentive program is more than just a means to reward top performers. Such a provision actually benefits the company in promoting growth not only in revenue, but in sales and customer acquisition as well. By providing such an incentive, a company is able to stimulate workplace productivity, retain employees, boost morale, and fortify recruitment efforts. Clearly, awardees of the incentive get to enjoy themselves, but it creates a company-wide benefit in terms of business growth and employee satisfaction. It is important to realize that an employee travel incentive program is not the unnecessary expense that some people view it to be. It is able to pay for itself through all the positive influences it elicits. Even SMEs are able to reap the benefits of such a program, something that is evident in their bottom line. When you think of the way they gain an edge over competitors that don’t have such a program in place, the cost significantly diminishes in the face of overall company success and greater return revenues. Many a business manager has reported as much as a 250 percent increase in sales performance from employees who received a travel incentive. A travel incentive program does a wonderful job of engaging employees. Recognition and reward are highly convincing tools, and employees who feel encouraged by them end up increasing their efforts, knowing that all their work is not for naught. The thing about incentive programs is that as individually oriented as they are, they work to rally the entire staff to produce a more inspired output. There is competition, but it also creates synergy among co-workers. At the end of the day, individual employees feel appreciated and taken care of, while the company, in turn, reaps the benefits of their satisfaction. It’s great to have something to look forward to. While payday bonuses are always welcome, it’s more thrilling to wait for an annual or semi-annual big deal reward such as the opportunity to travel. This is something that employees can incorporate into their vacation plans with friends and family. The human resources department can also certainly use the program and the obvious enthusiasm of current employees for it in recruitment. Travel is an experience that many people crave, so a company that offers it as a reward for excellent performance is more attractive than a company that does not. It’s important to see the big picture to understand just how beneficial having a travel incentive program is for a company. It makes a very fine example of a win-win situation.

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