Most international banks nowadays offer travel incentive programs to their loyal clients who accumulate points through the frequent use of credit cards for purchases and obtaining special services. According to credit cardholders, because of this provision, they are more inclined to use their credit cards more, even if they have cash, which is really what the banks want them to do. Other service businesses have taken their cue, especially after studying the positive results generated by the program. The thing is, travel is one of life’s biggest pleasures, and since incentive programs are designed to encourage customers to act favorably toward the business, the opportunity to travel is a completely logical inclusion. Most people want to see new places and experience new things, and they would even go through extreme lengths just to make sure that they become eligible for such a provision. Needless to say, it’s very effective in supporting the crucial objective of generating more and frequent transactions that lead to increased profitability for the enterprise. Aside from such advantages, service businesses or companies also claim that including travel incentive programs to their incentives/rewards system yields more benefits. For example, in the case of 4Life® (a company that distributes those revolutionary “colostrum” tablets), their travel incentive program has created a strong market/sales network for them across the globe. With members who do not only want to earn more but also want to qualify for the impressive travel programs assigned to high performing sellers, the international company is able to market their products effectively without using the usual marketing tactics, as well as gather people who sell loads and loads of their products. It’s a different type of marketing and profitability that’s yielding great results for operations. It’s important to mention as well that through the well-thought-out incentives,their salespeople became loyal to the company because they were able to prove that the business is committed to high-quality operations, and delivers on all of their promises of riches and personal growth. Travel incentive programs “lock in” mover-shakers for the business and secure their engagement, satisfaction and loyalty. And lastly, travel incentive programs speak volumes about the competitiveness of the business organization. Not all businesses can offer such incentives, so for one to be able to provide it to its customers and workers is proof of competitiveness in the industry. It can then attract more people who can ensure its continuous progress.

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