When business organizations wish to implement a travel incentive scheme, one of the important issues that needs to be resolved is the question of whether all the associated tasks should be done in-house or whether an incentive travel house should be called in to help. For larger organizations with the manpower, resources and experience, the answer is obvious: do everything in-house. However, for smaller organizations with limited resources and experience, performing each of the tasks involved in implementing an incentive scheme in-house may not exactly be the best option to take. In fact, doing the tasks involved in implementing a travel incentive can cost your organization in four key areas. First, you lose access to knowledge and experience of specialists. Successfully implementing a travel incentive program entails careful planning and specialized knowledge in a few key areas. These include the best fare rates, suitable destinations and accommodations, promotions and unpublished rates, group booking and coordination, and more. Your business may also lose a substantial amount of money if you opt to do the tasks involved in implementing travel incentives in-house. With the help of specialists, your business can gain access to discounts, upgrades and other add-ons which service providers won't readily provide you. Suffice it to say, these companies will not readily volunteer to your staff crucial information that will allow you to save money. But apart from that, travel incentive specialists can also pore over contracts and point out provisions in the fine print which can undermine your business interest. With the knowledge and experience of these specialists, you can save more and lessen your liabilities. When you task your own personnel with implementing the travel incentive scheme, you may also be risking security in a few key areas. For example, if one of your employees booked the winner's flight on the wrong date, changing the reservation to another date may seem like an impossible task. Not at the hands of incentive specialists — with their connections and experience, booking mistakes can be immediately rectified. Finally, if you opt to do everything in-house, the greatest resource that your business can lose is time. Imagine planning a trip for your family. You know that it takes weeks or even months of planning. Now, multiply that a few more times and you will immediately realize how difficult it is to contend with logistical issues associated with a travel incentive. Your personnel may be able to perform all the necessary tasks involved, but at the expense of other, more important tasks.

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