Summer is the silly season.  As the weather warms, you notice an interesting phenomenon around the office.  People are checking out. Eyes glaze over.  Gazes are trained on a distant horizon.  Things slow down to a crawl.  But the work is still there. So, what do you do? Employee travel rewards during the summer months are a fantastic way to keep your people engaged.  Instead of staring out the window at the guy cleaning the windows across the street, they’ll be busting out their best to win the prize. Summer travel rewards can re-focus an inattentive workforce, dreaming about getting outside.  Instead of glazing over, their eyes will be trained on the brass ring you’re holding out and daring them to grab.

It always rains in Seattle.

The most effective summer travel rewards consider your employees’ fondest dreams of faraway places.  But they also depend heavily on your location.  If you’re in Seattle, summer often means cool temperatures and rain.  That can get your employees antsy, cranky and spoiling to get out of Dodge. They’re dreaming of warm, summer sun and reclining on a beach chair.  They want out of the damp.  They want the moss to stop growing on their heads as they wait for the crossing light.  They want to feel the heat and badly. So, your Seattle travel incentive needs to speak to those geographically specific desires.

Melting in Phoenix.

The same goes for employees located in a sizzling summer location like Phoenix, for example.  Your people are cooking.  Things which shouldn’t be melting are and the listlessness of excessive heat is dragging them down into a torpor you need to pull them out of. The cooler climes of mountains and lakes are calling to your employees, as they swelter under the Phoenix sun.  An Alaskan cruise may beckon, or a jaunt to temperate San Francisco. Engineering summer incentives to your local climate and offering employees the promise of relief from a summer they’re struggling with, is one sure fire way to get them re-engaged and motivated to perform.

It’s all about the re-calibration.

Depending where you’re located, you’ll have a pretty good idea what’s going to help your staff re-calibrate and get back to work.  It’s normal for people to drift off a little when summer comes a long.  Memories of languid childhood summers stick with us all our lives. But that reality won’t butter anyone’s toast.  To get them back to the land of the living, a smart travel incentive that speaks to your employees is just what the doctor ordered.  And to get it done outsourced, expert help is at hand.

ITG – the travel incentive leaders.

Incentive Travel Group has been creating exceptional incentive travel programs for companies like yours for over 20 years.  We’re the outsourced solution, creating employee travel rewards during the summer months that re-connect your employees to your mission and goals. When you’re ready to explore summer travel rewards that re-ignite your team’s will to excel, ITG is who you’re looking for.  Contact us.

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