Loyalty is greatly rewarded by many service-providing companies, and the rewards offer specific experiences that many today are looking for. Companies that design these incentive travel programs are looking into the evolving interests of today’s travelers and are expanding their travel destination selections. Currently, Asian countries are taking the spotlight when it comes to offering an experience like no other, and provided below are four choice Asian countries being included in incentive travel programs. For Shopping: Vietnam There are so many fashion outlets in this tiny country and many tourists have learned that the prices of original branded products in Vietnam are much lower than those in Hong Kong, which remains to be considered one of the premier shopping capitals of the world. Local products are also very affordable and their exotic beauty never fails to attract the fancy of foreign shoppers. Another really nice thing about Vietnam, other than super budget-friendly shopping, is that it also provides a rare cultural experience due to its quick development being from a war-ravaged country to an economic tiger. In most places, the old meets the new, the contrast is remarkable and fascinating, and you can see all that as you’re navigating the many shopping destinations in the country. For Nature Exploration:Laos Another Asian country that’s fast becoming a favorite among Westerners is Laos. Many claim it’s like a painting come to life, with hectares and hectares of rice paddies that end at fairy tale-like blue lagoons and waterfalls. Laos has rich tropical wildlife as well, and there are top-class accommodations that make witnessing the natural splendor of the country so much easier. For Luxurious Relaxation: Thailand The tropical paradise takes pampering and relaxation very seriously, and there’s a bounty of spas that offer natural treatments for the tired body. What’s even more attractive about the brand of relaxation Thailand offers is how it is mixed with royal rituals and the healing effects of nature. Thai cuisine is much raved about as well for its use of fresh ingredients that are completely good for the health. For Exposure To Modern (or Futuristic) Culture: Japan Young and old list Japan as one of the countries to visit before they die because the Land of the Rising Sun presents quirky, cute and advanced technology in a way that no other country can. The popularity of animé, kawaiifood, Asian beauty care (cosmetic tourism), new designer brands, latest advanced technology, and Harajuku fashion makes the country a great place for incentive travel programs for both loyal customers and prize employees. The experience is like no other and Japan is actually a smart place to send company employees (recipients of the travel incentive) because they get exposed to market trends that are projected to blow up globally, as well as understand where technology is headed.

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