A growing number of businesses these days are scoring well with customers through their creative brand of customer service and marketing. It’s no longer enough that they provide high quality for their products and services to secure customer loyalty and prove competitive, because customers nowadays are always looking for opportunities to get more out of their transactions. Of course, businesses can easily provide freebies, or gifts with purchases, and these are all always greatly appreciated, but really big companies are going all out in assuring customers that they are doing well standing by them and being loyal by giving really big rewards. What makes going big and grand as a strategy particularly smart is that the promise of something quite valuable rarely fails to get customers to act to the advantage of the business. For example, a free gift package that’s valued at $200 for a minimum purchase of $300, or simply buying a complete set of limited edition products, automatically drives customers to go on a shopping frenzy to meet that minimum amount. In the end, customers get a fantastic gift, and the business enjoys increased sales because their customers spent more. But aside from free loaded packages, another type of reward or incentive that a lot of businesses are using to boost their marketing and sales are travel incentive certificates. Come on, who wouldn’t want the rare opportunity to visit a nice destination and experience new things — and for free? These travel incentive certificates as sales incentives are goals for a lot of people, which basically means they stick to the same business establishment and repeatedly purchase from it or get services to score the required amount of points to be eligible for the certificates. What’s even nicer is that competitive businesses are not scrimping on these special rewards, not only to increase the attractive value of the provision, but also to clearly demonstrate their values and create the best impression on their target market. Many probably think that these travel incentive certificates are quite expensive – they are, in a way, compared to other rewards, but they are not as expensive as people project them to be. Incentive travel agencies are directly partnered with hotels and inns, resorts, theme parks, and other top travel destinations and accommodations, as well as shipping companies and airlines. So, most of the inclusions in travel packages are actually provided at discounted rates. According to incentive travel agencies, the most popular travel incentive certificates are for stay cations (city stays at high-class hotels), cruises, spa retreats, theme park getaways (much sought after by young people and families with children), exotic resort stays, and trips abroad with hotel accommodations, free meals, tours and round trip airfare.

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