With more people taking to the skies every year, airports all over the world are creating innovative ways to make traveler experiences more pleasant.  These flyer-friendly features answer a need for greater comfort, less stress and more diversion for those languishing in transit. Airports are scaling their facilities to human need in some surprising ways.  Let’s look at some of the best new airport amenities for 2017.

Going to the dogs.

dog relief sign People love their pets and most airlines allow travelers to bring Fido along for the ride.  But what to do when you arrive with your service dog, or four-legged buddy and the little guy has got to go?  Now! Have no fear.  Because airports are going to the dogs (or rather, giving them places to go).  The US Department of Transportation has ruled that facilities for pets to relieve themselves must be provided within the security perimeter. That means traveling dogs needn’t furtively seek the nearest dark corner.  There are now dedicated “relief stations” in hundreds of American airports, answering the urgent need of roving Rovers.

Pigs may fly.

a pig greeting airport visitors While that’s not strictly accurate, at least two valiant pigs have made a home at the airport.  Personally, this is our favorite of all the best new airport amenities for 2017 and for that, we have San Francisco and Albany International airports to thank. Porcine Ambassadors, Lilo and Bacon Bits now spend their days giving nervous passengers something to focus on besides turbulence at the two airports noted above.

Art on the fly.

Offering travelers a visually rich terminal experiences is a growing trend.  Vancouver International Airport was an early leader, displaying the majestic Jade Canoe by renowned First Nations artist Bill Reid in its International Departures area, as well as an array of First Nations artifacts in public areas. Numerous airports are following suit, but Miami International has expanded on the city’s growing reputation as a center of the arts.  As home to Art Basel Miami, the airport has embraced the visual arts with installations and murals throughout its environs.  Travelers are invited to decompress and perhaps give thanks for a delayed flight, as they enjoy the richness of the art on offer. Miami airport visual installation

Japanese immersion without leaving the airport.

One of the most creative of the best new airport amenities for 2017 is Narita Airport’s.  Not only does this airport feature a complementary lounge for travelers in transit, it’s a hub of Japanese culture. Take a rickshaw ride, then pose for photos in traditional Japanese dress.  Next, stop off for a performance of Kabuki theater.  Without so much as dropping your carry on, you’ll find yourself immersed in a unique cultural experience. These are our best new airport amenities for 2017.  Airports are leading the experience economy, creating unique options for travelers to make the most of their time in transit.  The focus has shifted, decisively, from facility to pleasure.  Sure, airports are all about moving people, but who says the experience can’t be a pleasure?  Contact us to discover the world.

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