To reward high performing employees, a lot of competitive companies request incentive travel houses to design travel packages that will ensure a maximum relaxation experience. Knowing that stress diminishes productivity because it makes the body weak by arresting the immune system, companies want to make sure that the mover-shakers of their organization do not feel too overworked and are provided opportunities to slow down, regroup, and get back to work feeling completely rejuvenated.

When it comes to full relaxation, just any top tourist destination with impressive spa services simply won’t do. It’s imperative that the said location is quiet and has a different pace. Another vital quality is that the place is able to inspire so visitors are able to get a new perspective of life.

A trusted incentive travel house has compiled in a list below some of the world’s best destinations for prized employees who need a completely relaxing getaway.

  1. Batanes, Philippines – This small island can be found in the northernmost part of the archipelago and it boasts of amazing, refreshing weather that’s rather uncommon in the tropical country. Batanes has a really laidback pace and the crime rate is back to zero. Locals live very simple and peaceful lives, and they are hospitable to tourists.
  2. Kartause Ittingen, Switzerland – This former Carthusian monastery is now a hotel and farm complex that’s located in Switzerland’s hilly orchard country. It’s very peaceful, as the monks that lived here vowed to lead a life of silence. For workers who are constantly placed right smack in the middle of all the action in the office, they’ll be able to have the moments of solitude they require to focus on themselves, instead of on the demands for their time. This destination offers enchanting gardens and, of course, a fantastic natural view of the Swiss landscape.
  3. Okinawa, Japan – The countryside of the former US base in Japan is very peaceful. Likewise, locals have a very relaxed lifestyle—they don’t care so much about what time of the day it is and most of them lead very traditional lives.
  4. Emoyeni, South Africa – This has a Buddhist retreat center, which is actually open to Buddhists and non-Buddhists. Emoyeni focuses on silence to achieve enlightenment. This will allow stressed, workaholic employees to become mindful and regain a sense of peace through silence.
  5. Kielder Forest, UK – According to Lonely Planet, this place is the UK’s quietest and darkest area. It’s quite a journey to get here, but the tranquility of Kelder Forest is greatly respected and maintained as people find their relaxation here.

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