Corporate organizations are proving their competitiveness in their respective industries and strengthening internal working relationships through thoughtfully designed incentive programs for employees. Among these incentives, what’s proving to be the best and most beneficial is corporate incentive travel. The program works both ways: it serves the company’s own objectives, as well as ensures the delight, loyalty, and satisfaction of high-performing employees. When it comes to destinations for corporate incentive travel, the six listed below are considered top picks of some of the biggest companies in the world.

  1. Australia – Not only is the great Land Down Under one of the most beautiful places in the world and listed by many as one of the countries to visit before they die, but it’s also a fantastic market to tap into,especially now that there’s a boom in foreign investors in the country.
  2. UAE – The most cosmopolitan country in the Middle East can open the eyes of Westerners to the unique kingdom culture and old-world quality of the region. Likewise, it offers some of the most luxurious experiences for travel, especially with all the first-class shopping destinations, 5-star accommodations, and of course, the fascinating display that, indeed, everything is possible in Dubai.
  3. Japan – it is considered one of the technology capitals in the world, and a simple tour of the country can be very educational especially for tourists who want to understand what makes Japanese products so successful in the market. It’s important to mention as well that Japan can be a very relaxing destination, especially in places like Okinawa, Kyoto, and Hokkaido. And of course, who can forget about the food? Japan offers a well-rounded experience that will surely appeal to employees deserving of a travel incentive.
  4. Hawaii – The smallest state of the United States of America is the perfect destination for some R&R, especially for employees whose lives have pretty much been overtaken by their career. The natural beauty and pace of life in the island of Hawaii will definitely not fail in signaling physically and mentally tired workers to slow down, relax, and just enjoy being free from responsibilities for a time.
  5. Macau, China – The Sin City of Asia is another favorite destination for all its beautiful luxurious hotels and the variety of activities it offers tourists. Macau has its own culture and majority of the locals speak Portuguese as much as Mandarin or Cantonese. It offers a taste of both Europe and the Orient.
  6. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – This is a resort city that’s not too far away from the US. Oftentimes, the city plays host to corporate conferences and team buildings because of all its properly equipped accommodations. It’s an ideal destination for group incentive travel.

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