Travel Programs

Travel Programs

Most of us have dreams of extensive travel, visiting places we’ve never been and having unique experiences we may never even have dreamed of.

And your employees are no different.  Their dreams are unique.

One of the most effective tools for re-animating employee motivation is incentive travel programs.  But they’re not just there when you need your people to re-engage with your mission.  They’re there to reward employees who’ve gotten a project over the finish line, made a major sale, or have consistently performed beyond expectations.

Companies all over the USA are benefiting from travel programs that honor the role of human resources in their ongoing success by acknowledging employee dreams.  Incentive Travel Group is a travel programming specialist, creating exceptional travel programs with outsourced expertise.

The travel coordinator blues

It’s becoming increasingly rare for companies to have a dedicated travel coordinator on staff.  If such a position exists, it’s probably rolled into other duties.  This can create numerous problems, as focus is required to create a truly effective program.  Travel coordinators (especially ad hoc ones) have plenty to do already.

Travel programming on top of everything else is a recipe for the travel coordinator blues.

But ITG is an outsourced travel program expert that creates winning travel programs for companies like yours, so your travel coordinator can concentrate on getting staff to crucial client encounters, sales events and conferences.

While ITG is building a travel program to inspire and motivate your staff, your travel coordinator is freed to do the day-to-day duties of the role flawlessly (and blues-free).

Making employee dreams happen

Crafting a superior travel program is about getting inside your employees’ heads and finding out what gets them excited.  Is it a rock-climbing adventure in a distant mountain range?  Is it a spa weekend in Palm Springs?  A week on the beach at an all-inclusive?

Plumbing the depths of your employees’ dreams gives you the opportunity to make those dreams happen and that’s where we start, at ITG.

We start with what your employees want.  From there, we build programming that speaks to all your employees, because travel programs aren’t just for top performers.  They’re for everyone.

With ITG, every dog has his day, because an effective travel programs is inclusive, targeted and specific.

Where do you want to go?

With superior destination knowledge and relationships with key vendors in accommodations, facilities, activities and excursions, dreams become reality when you go with ITG.

There’s no dream too unusual, no group too large and no trip we can’t organize.  Because we’ve been in the business of creating travel programs to inspire employees to reach higher for more than 20 years, we’re experts in the field who free your people to do what they do best – realize your company’s goals.

Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do, ITG gets you there with seamless logistics, planning and execution that shows your employees the time of their lives.

Let’s go!

If your company’s ready for a travel program that motivates and inspires, you’re ready for Incentive Travel Group.  Let’s go!