Time is a precious commodity in a world that seems to turn more quickly each day.  This is a central truth in the modern commercial space.

For that reason, presenting people with information that’s easy to absorb and which adequately outlines the key concepts you’re sharing is best realized in a seminar or forum setting.

When confronted by literature, densely-packed with information, people’s eyes tend to glaze over.  But when you can distill that information into a human-scale event, you’ve opened to door to a more global understanding of what’s being presented.

It’s in the human element that seminars are the contemporary model for businesses to disseminate information on training, products and markets.  Interactive and hands-on, a seminar which is well-planned and carefully mounted creates the intellectual framework for sharing crucial information that’s friendly.

Much more effective than a stack of papers!

Support for Your Vision

You have a clear vision of what your seminar will impart to participants.  You want them to walk away with a clear command of the information being presented.  But you want more.  You want the setting to serve your vision.

You envision attendees arriving to find a well-oiled machine.  Seminar presentations which inspire, and materials which are concise outline key takeaways and an experience that cements the learnings you need those participating to go home with.

While you’re creating your vision, crafting a coherent message from that daunting mass of information, Incentive Travel Group is supporting your efforts with logistics, planning and execution that takes the detailed work of setting the scene off your plate.

Extend Your Capacity

Your superpowers can only do so much.  Planning a seminar that’s effective, memorable and which moves your vision to reality is a matter of allocating human resources to the project.

And your human resources are working overtime.

That’s why extending your capacity with an outsourced provider to set the scene for your seminar is the smartest move you’ll make on the road to an effective happening that bears fruit.

With more than 2 decades offering thought leaders effective support, ITG is a capacity extension which provides the machinery serving as a framework within which your vision can grow to full flowering.

Key Relationships

Small and medium-sized businesses need a friend like ITG.  We’re connected to exceptional vendors, providing you with access to venues, transportation and accommodations at pricing that serves your budget.

Our budget-friendly pricing is made possible by the relationships we’ve built across the industry, getting you deals not usually accessible to any but the largest companies.

The shape and texture of your meeting is yours to create, as ITG provides clear planning from start to finish.

Extend Your Reach with ITG

We extend your reach with seminar planning that frees you to shape your vision.  With the logistical and planning details on hand and with professional support on site, you’re in full control.

We establish the most advantageous pricing with the best-in-class vendors at your seminar destination, locking in venues, accommodations, excursions and breakout sessions.

Ready to unlock the seminar-execution power of ITG?  Let’s start planning!