Sales Incentive Programs

Sales Incentive Programs

I guess we all know that sales people are a breed apart.  In the great jungle of life, they’re the lions and tigers and bears.

Built for speed, these people live to close.  There is no objection they can’t leapfrog and no consumer they can’t reel in.

Sales people are some of the most important employees in your company.  They’re the engine of your revenue, keeping the wheels greased by selling your goods and services.

Keeping your top earners on board is a matter of making it worth their while.  These are the elite of the elite and they write their own tickets.  You don’t want them getting distracted by the next bright, shiny object.

By the same token, you want to keep your sales team fresh, bringing on promising new talent that keeps everyone on the team alert and selling.

Incentive Travel Group has been creating effective sales incentives programs for over 20 years.  We craft our programs to your company’s needs, creating numerous ways to keep your sales figures where you want them to be, by motivating your sales team and keeping it engaged.

Sensitive programming

To create the exceptional sales incentive programs we’re so widely known for, ITG models sensitivity to the unique needs of the sales environment and the people who work in it.

Let’s face it.  Sales can be a minefield.  It requires a certain temperament and only the strong survive.  All the same, there are people on your team who aren’t top tier earners.  They may even be underperforming.

But you know they can do it.  That’s why you hired them.  You understand that sometimes, a top earner is hiding in the shadows, needing only a little push to step into the spotlight.

We program to those people too, with sales incentives programs which are sensitive to the different strategies required by sales teams because of their unique nature.

Our incentives are finely-tuned to tease out the best every member of your team can possibly give.

Push the envelope with ITG

If you currently have incentives programming in place, you may have strained your human resources to breaking point trying to keep it running smoothly.

But when it comes to sales “smoothly” isn’t enough.  Your sales incentive program needs to be as sharp as a tack to ensure that superstars aren’t hogging the spotlight.  Your entire team can benefit from incentives that encourage them to get better at what they do every day.

You can push the envelope with ITG because we’re an outsourced solution that applies specialized solutions to your specific context.

We bring you tailored sales incentives that speak directly to your sales team with the siren song of reward for a job well done; a product well sold.

To all this, we add superior logistical support, actualizing your programming with event and trip planning that covers all your bases.

Let us push the envelope, while your employees help your organization get where you want it to go.  Keep your sales lions and tigers and bears lit with exceptional sales incentive programs.