Meeting planning is an exacting science.  When your employees are attempting it off the side of their desks, it’s clear that your meetings aren’t getting the focused attention they need.

And that’s no one’s fault.  It’s just the nature of work and its daily demands.

That’s why outsourcing meeting planning makes so much sense.  Putting your meetings in the hands of logistics experts means participants have an exceptional experience that’s streamlined and managed with precision.

At Incentive Travel Group, that’s what we do for you.  But our services come with some notable bells and whistles that go well beyond the necessity for precision logistics.


ITG brings you customized planning and execution that matches your company’s meeting needs with outstanding customer service that stays the course.

Communicative and hands-on, our experts are consultative professionals, so you’ll always know where your planning process stands.

We bring you pricing that reflects your budget, because our industry resources and relationships offer you superior buying power that extends your budgetary reach.

And our experience goes beyond the conference room, encompassing event management and the tour industry.  Our knowledge of the sector is comprehensive and our vendor partnerships create opportunities you wouldn’t have, were you to keep meetings in-house.


From 10 to 500 participants, ITG provides your meeting with support that plans and then executes to the finest detail.  We’re on-site with you, ensuring that every aspect of your meeting is managed with professional attention to detail.

Our specialty is small to medium-sized businesses.  Why should the big boys be the only ones with access to the services, venues and pricing you dream of?  Any sized company can enjoy those advantages with ITG.

And with ITG, your meeting happens where you need it to.  Whether you’re staying close to home or flying in key people from around the world, ITG gets your people there, with travel and accommodation coordination that doesn’t miss a trick.


The shape and texture of your meeting are yours to create, as ITG produces clear planning from start to finish.

We extend your reach with dedicated planning that frees your human resources to do what they do best, saving you time, money and headaches you don’t need.

All negotiations with vendors are in our hands because we’re connected to a vast network of quality providers.  We establish the most advantageous pricing with the best-in-class vendors at your meeting destination, locking in venues, accommodations, excursions – even team-building.

And once your people are there, we’re on the ground, providing on-site management that keeps the whole operation humming along happily and effectively.

ITG Gets It Done

Anticipate a peak experience, with the meeting people at ITG.  We create meetings, events and experiences that honor your need for productive gatherings that accomplish what you’ve set out to do.

ITG has been in the business of making meetings happen for more than 2 decades.  Our experience, professionalism and longstanding vendor relationships offer your organization finely tuned events that allow you and your key people to accomplish what you set out to do.

Ready to get started?  Let’s do it!