Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs

Employee loyalty programs are a crucial component of keeping your top people on board.  You want to share with them how you much you appreciate their loyalty to your enterprise.  But you also need that appreciation to come from the heart.

Emotion is the most important keyword, when it comes to a discussion of loyalty programs, how they can shore up your retention and let your people know that they’re on the bus that values them and prizes their contribution.

The ideas people

If you’re new to the world of loyalty programs, you’ve come to the right place.  Incentive Travel Group is the incentives expert, creating stellar opportunities for you to reward your employees and strengthen their bonds with your company.

Celebrate the loyalty of long term employees with something more powerful than a gift – an evening chartered cruise, or a catered affair where those whose contributions are being celebrated are lauded by senior executives.

Bringing emotion to the center of your loyalty program honors your employees by demonstrating that you know what gets them smiling and feeling warm and fuzzy as only a truly successful loyalty program can.

We’re the ideas people, who create loyalty programs that honor your employees by discovering their most cherished dreams.

Rewarding service

Employees who’ve stayed the course for 10 years deserve something extra special.  Taking them somewhere they’ve always wanted to go is the way to their heart and another 10 years of loyal service.

You’re not just rewarding service, though.  While it’s something your company should do, it’s also something your company benefits from.  Your employees long to be recognized and top talent longs to work with companies who take the extra time and go to the extra expense to make quality recognition happen.

Your employees return from their loyalty excursion ready to go the extra mile and news filters out to talent seeking a welcoming home that you’re the company to grow with.

Experiences win

Once upon a time, loyalty may have been rewarded with a watch, or a custom pin.  But today’s employees want to experience something.

They want to see the realization of dearly-held dreams.  They desire experiences they can cherish and remember for a lifetime.

This trend pairs with another on the employer side.  Loyalty programs now continue to focus on tenure of employment, but they also reward the quality of the employer-employee relationships, by recognizing work that steps up to deliver.

This brings younger workers to the loyalty party, creating the long-term employees of the future by rewarding them with experiences that speak to their unique interests.  A night at the theater?  A Yoga class?  A ski retreat with master classes by professionals?  It all depends on what your employees reveal as their interests and dreams.

We make it easy

With more than 2 decades in the incentives business, Incentive Travel Group makes loyalty programs easy.  With a process that engages your employees personally, we get inside their heads, revealing the incentives and rewards they’re dreaming of.

Nurture your top talent and attract new blood, with ITG.