Key Things to Consider When Revising Your Employee Incentive Travel Program

Corporate travel incentive programs need to be updated from time to time. This has to be done to change or revise certain policies, include new ones, and incorporate additional conditions that were not relevant in the past but are now pertinent and necessary.

Revising your employee incentive travel program is also the perfect opportunity for you to consider some other important factors or elements that can help you come up with a better, more suitable reward package. These key things you should consider can include the following:

  • Individual travel rewards. Although group travel rewards are still popular, individual ones are also on the rise. This is mainly because most companies still have tight budgets in terms of their incentive programs. Rewarding deserving employees with individual vouchers of a certain amount is usually less expensive than a group travel event since this would also involve a coordinator and some kind of group gathering. Individual travel incentives can also better suit an employee’s preferences. Most employees today value choice and individual travel rewards can offer them that freedom.
  • You can mix groups. A group travel incentive is a great way to break down the barriers that inevitably build up within a company. You can prevent this from happening or worsening by mixing sales teams with marketing, or operations with the creative department. Your business can acquire several benefits by following this strategy which includes improving cross-team communications, getting a boost in creativity, and developing a strengthened commitment to business-wide goals.
  • Focus on experiential travel. Employees will certainly appreciate travels that will allow them to discover a new city or country and give them some much-needed rest and relaxation. However, there are a lot of people who are now prioritizing experiential travel. It means that individuals are now more interested in the experience that travel offers than in the destination. As such, in your program, you can now include the more affordable of option of a winery tour (which should include wine tasting) or even a day at the spa.
  • The chance to give back. Finally, most employees respond very positively to opportunities that permit them to make a valuable contribution. You can think about developing a group travel incentive around a charitable activity which effectively satisfies this need and supports team building. A lot of companies are now starting incentive travel programs that include working with Habitat for Humanity and UNICEF. You can also start small by taking part in programs that benefit local schools or provide disaster relief. Incentive programs of this type can also do wonders for your brand’s reputation.

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