Hotel/Destination Incentives

Hotel/Destination Incentives

One of the most compelling reasons people desire a travel incentive these days is to experience the luxury of great hotels.

And experiencing that luxury is a dream most of us have.  Imaginations stoked by popular culture in film, literature and television, we all imagine stepping into the plush comfort of a truly grand accommodations experience.

Your employees are just like the rest of us, so when you offer them incentives that speak to their dreams of a superior hotel stay in a splendid destination, the rewards to your organization are extraordinary.

Building On Dreams

Building on the dreams of your employees is how great incentive programs are created and including hotel/destination incentives in your program is a price-flexible way to ensure those dreams come true.

From single night stays in top accommodations providers to a week-long sojourn in a popular destination, we tailor our hotel/destination incentives to match the experiences your employees most desire.

Some may drift off to thoughts of gazing out on the Rocky Mountains from the grand precincts of sky-high accommodations, with every conceivable amenity.  Others may long for the lights of the greatest city on earth, gazing from the over-the-top luxury of a spectacular suite in the heart of New York City.

Every employee has a personal fantasy of a peak hotel/destination experience, so ITG tailors our incentives to meet your employees in their dreams.

Our Partners

Working with what your employees envision and what your budget has to say, we offer your organization unlimited possibilities.

In the continental USA and beyond, ITG’s network of accommodation vendors runs the gamut from internationally-famed hotels to high-end resorts, private villas and vacation clubs offering fun in the sun.

For more than 20 years, we’ve been building key relationships with top vendors located around the world.  Those relationships are your ticket to best-in-class pricing that honors your budgetary imperatives, while providing lush lodging experiences for deserving employees.

Finely tailored, flexible and exceptionally realized, our hotel/destination incentives are realized in partnership with vendors who open the door to peak experiences and superior pricing.

And it’s in those experiences that your most potent employee reward and retention strategies lie.

The Experience Economy

The softness of Egyptian cotton sheets.  The warmth of an in-room robe.  The comfort of fine dining delivered to your hotel room door.  It’s in the experience offered by fine accommodations that your employees realize their fondest dreams of coddled luxury.

And at their feet they’ll find the world’s great destinations, their compelling charms just steps away from central lodging that frees them to explore the best on offer.

The experience economy beckons, as your employees check off another box on their bucket list, motivating them to reach higher, while cementing their bonds with your business.  When your top talent is inspired to stay, your organization’s future is written.  When your employees are motivated by exceptional hotel/destination incentives, you’re building on your dream, while answering theirs.

The ITG Answer

The ITG answer to your hotel/destination incentives expands capacity, freeing your people to do what they were hired to do.  Contact us.