Group Destination Trips

Group Destination Trips

Your employees work hard to meet your organization’s objectives.  That deserves a pat on the back, especially when they go even further than they usually do to accomplish your goals.

More and more US companies are changing their incentive programs to favor travel and other non-monetary incentives.  This is a proven strategy, returning a massive return on investment.

And an investment that reaps fiscal benefits is always a bright idea.

Taking People Places

At Incentive Travel Group, we’ve been taking people places for over 20 years.  We’re specialists who create group destination trips that answer employee dreams and spill over to your entire organization, delivering enhanced productivity via the motivational magic of travel incentives.

Getting your people together to go on an experiential group destination trip takes more than a bright idea, though.  It takes logistics expertise that goes above and beyond.  Every piece of the puzzle needs to fit to make it work.

But when you go with ITG, you go with experience of travel markets, destination vendors and the incentive sector that tailors your trip to expectations and then goes a little further.

Programming and More

ITG is an acknowledged expert in the field of group destination trips, getting your people to superior destinations – the kind they dream of.

And getting to the heart of employee dreams is part of what we do.  We find out what your people reach out for in their least guarded moments.  Whether your sales team dreams of a tropical resort, or climbing Mayan pyramids (or both), we’ll find out.  Then we’ll do the math and create the trip that cements relationships, builds teams and adheres top talent to your organization because satisfied people stick with you.

We glean the right information to spin dreams into reality, with group destination trips that take your people where they most desire to go.

Capacity-Boosting Expertise

Quality incentive travel grows from a solid foundation of logistical expertise, coupled with creativity and knowledge.  And it’s in ITG’s knowledge that the real difference is seen.

Our relationships with quality vendors span the globe, encompassing the most desirable destinations.  We’ve formed enduring partnerships with vendors in accommodations, transportation and tours and excursions.

Those partnerships serve your organization with best-in-class pricing that can only be realized through the close connections forged over 2 decades.

Even small and medium-sized businesses can build group destination incentives that light fires in bellies, when they have access to an international network of trusted vendors who reward patronage with pricing that keeps your budget happy.

Extend your grasp with outsourced support that frees your people to do what they were hired to do.  We don’t work off the sides of our desks.  This is what we do.  We connect companies like yours with superior incentive travel for groups that reward, build teams and cement your enterprise’s future.

Happy Travels with ITG

When plates are overflowing, ITG puts the details on our plate.  In return, your organization has access to the best that group destination trips can offer.

Ready to take your people places?  Let’s get started!