Five Reasons You Should Care About Sales Incentives for Your Team

There are many aspects to having a successful sales team and there are just as many reasons why sales incentives work to your advantage. If you haven’t considered incorporating sales incentives into your workplace you probably should; here are five reasons why.


  • Reward: First of all, let’s talk about rewards. Sure, your employees may do their job (and do it well) based on their compensation but everyone likes to get some kind of recognition for their efforts, especially for a job well done. By having sales incentives in place, your employees are not only recognized but rewarded too.


  • Competition: Healthy competition is one of the most important aspects of a sales team. While many sales team members may already have competition amongst each other, by having a way of incorporating healthy competition it inspires them to go above and beyond what they may normally do and in a positive way.


  • Value: Again, income is a main selling point in any job but money isn’t something that creates memories by itself. Whether it’s an employee retreat or an employee vacation, the memories are just a fraction of the added value. Income typically has to go to expenses and bills but a trip adds more to the job and makes it even more valuable to the employee.


  • Refuel: There’s nothing like a vacation or getaway to refuel your employees and give them an added boost. Doing the same thing day after day can get tedious and sales can suffer. But by having a sales incentive in place, not only does it add competition and value but it also refuels your employees and can help with sagging sales or add more inspiration to those that are already doing well.


  • Interest: Making the job interesting is part of retaining the best sales team. Sales incentives create interest and they are a significant aspect of a job when you are looking to create a team comprised of the very best.

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