Employee Retreats

Employee Retreats

Employee retreats present employers with an excellent opportunity to bring key people together in a setting that encourages skills development, team-building and increased productivity.

The trick is getting them right.

Spending retreat time well is a matter of understanding your employees and what drives them.  Their attitude and approach to work are observable, but their motivations are somewhat less transparent.  Creating a retreat that’s revelatory for employee and employer is how retreat magic happens.

Throwing away the box

An effective retreat isn’t just about teams.  It’s about breaking through departmental barriers to create a theme of common purpose that will endure long after you’ve come back to work.

You’re changing the scenery with a retreat, so part of what you need to happen is to instill in your employees that they share the same goals, even though their departmental priorities differ.  That’s the beginning of something beautiful.  The landscape shifts and suddenly, silos crumble.

Retreats invite you to throw away the box, not just think outside its confines.

Retreats created by experts

Incentive Travel Group has been creating memorable, fruitful retreats for employers like you for more than 20 years.  We focus on your employees and how to engage them with a retreat that serves your organizational goals by creating the ideal conditions for the renewed purpose.

Reflection and commitment come naturally when you plan your employee retreats with ITG.  We’re the outsourced solution that brings you focused expertise and nimble logistics which lighten your load and support the success of the enterprise.

The right location

Your retreat goals guide us in helping you pinpoint the right location for your retreat.  With superior destination knowledge and strong relationships with key vendors, we work closely with your retreat vision to set the stage for building profound connections between employees and employer.

Whether your vision takes you to a secluded lakeside resort or a villa on the Mayan Riviera, ITG works to that vision, creating its most beneficial context.

While you program, we support you with over 2 decades of experience in motivating and inspiring employees.

Shake up the day-to-day routine with a location that’s well out of the ordinary, bringing your employees a focal shift that allows them to engage with each other in dynamic ways.

Time for exploration

We know employers want employee retreats to offer time to have fun and explore, so we match local activities at the destination to your retreat vision.  Whether those activities have a subtle team-building element, or they’re wide open, ITG knows where to find the experiential element, wherever you’re going.

And we’ll remind you to leave entirely unprogrammed time in your retreat schedule, as this is where employees can encounter one another in a way that builds relationships and personalizes your workplace.  When people are free to meet each other where they stand, wonderful things happen.

And that’s what you need to succeed with employee retreats.

Incentive Travel Group connects you to a world of employee retreats support.  We’re an outsourced solution, freeing you and your people to keep doing what you do best.