Employee Incentive Programs

Employee Incentive Programs

You’ve filled your bus with all the right people.  There’s nobody sitting on your company bus who isn’t a key member of the team.

But even when you get everything right in terms of who you hire, people need a brass ring to grab for from time to time.  It keeps things interesting and it keeps people on their toes.

Our working lives have peaks and valleys.  The exhilaration of achievement can often be followed by years on end of “business as usual”.  That’s where some of us get de-motivated.  We lose our need to excel.  We’re stuck in a rut.

When the fire in the belly goes out, it’s rarely permanent.  You can re-ignite it with an employee incentive program.

Incentives work

More than 3/4s of US businesses use some form of incentives, with almost half turning to travel incentives.  They work.  The right incentives are a powerful tool to re-connect your employees with their professional passion by speaking to their fondest dreams.

And of all the incentives out there, travel has been shown repeatedly to be the most effective.  With an ROI of up to 112% (Incentive Travel Foundation), every dollar you spend on travel incentives comes back to you, because they boost productivity, sales and revenue.

Higher rates of retention are also being associated with well-crafted employee incentive programs and that lowers your outlay for turnover.  You can use that budget elsewhere, we’re sure.

Living the dream

YOLO (you only live once) is the battle cry of the Millennial set.  What they want from travel incentives is completely different from what older employees want.  Employees with families want something different again.

At ITG, we understand that quality employee incentive programs are built on employee dreams.  That’s why we go to extraordinary lengths to get in your employees’ heads.  We get to the heart of their dreams and then, we find ways to help live them, with exceptional incentives.

Experiential, wellness and team-building incentives are just the beginning of how we can help you re-energize your team to help your company meet its goals, keep your superstars hungry and build your company profile by boosting productivity.

Tailored incentives

Tailored incentives speak to the items on the bucket lists of your people.  They’re directly in line with what they dream of doing and where they dream of going.

From ski vacations in Whistler, Canada with a stop in the glamorous seaside city of Vancouver to conferences in tropical Puerto Vallarta, ITG creates tailored incentives that fire up your staff, creating a roaring blaze of renewed inspiration and engagement.

Let us program your success

You’ve taken great pains to get the highest quality people aboard you bus.  Now, keep them on the edge of their seats with employee incentives programming that holds out a brass ring they can identify with, personally.

Incentive Travel Group creates employee incentive programs that feed your most valued employees with motivation to excel and inspiration to continue building your company with you.

ITG keeps the fire lit, with tailored employee incentive programs and superior expertise.