Great Cities: 3 of the Most Unique Travel Destinations


Everyone has prized destinations on their list of places they’re dying to see.  Some dream of encountering the Sphinx on a trip to Cairo, or wandering the ancient streets of Jaffa, Israel.  But we all have a list.

Great cities are found all over the world.  They needn’t be the most populous, or famous.  They needn’t have exceptional dining.  What makes them great?  The experience of an exotic culture and a world never seen by the traveler’s eyes.

This post is dedicated to great cities:  3 of the most unique travel destinations.  With plenty to choose from, these destinations stand as singularly fascinating, due to their cultural, historical and geographical settings.

Dubai, UAE.

Known as a hub of international business, Dubai has emerged from the sands of the Persian Gulf to become a highly desired destination.

While intimately associated with business, Dubai is also home to a unique culture which, until very recently, lived almost suspended in time.  That unique culture grew from cultivating and trading commodities like dates, to one which is internationally renowned for its innovation and cultural diversity.

Here you’ll discover international, luxury resorts and white sand beaches, fine dining and an ancient Bedouin society which now hosts to the world.

St. Petersburg, Russia.

Winter palace in Saint Petersburg during night time

This gem on the Baltic was once named after Vladimir Lenin, but with the dissolution of the former Soviet Union, it’s become known as a sophisticated, cosmopolitan destination and home to such marvels as the Winter Palace of Catherine the Great and the famed Hermitage Museum.

The brainchild of Peter the Great, St. Petersburg bears the stamp of his genius in its beautifully planned and executed urban layout.  Home to artistic and historical treasures largely unseen by the wider world until very recently, St. Petersburg today embraces international visitors with its timeless beauty and artistic heritage.

Copenhagen, Denmark.


This quirky northern city may seem frigid to some, but the Danes break the chill of winter with the practice of “hygge” (literally, coziness).  Even during the day, candles are lit to impart a sense of warmth.  This is the case in homes, restaurants, bars and other public gathering places.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Its wide boulevards are home to an eclectic mix of people, creating an intricate social tapestry which has enriched a once stayed society.

In summer, visit the Tivoli Gardens in central Copenhagen to experience a classical amusement park, under the shade of old growth trees.  In winter, skate on the canals in the crystal air just outside the center.  In Nyhavn, thrill to a traditional Danish meal, as you gaze at fishing boats, anchored only feet away.

Of all the great cities the world can reveal to you, these are our favorites.  Ready to take your people on a travel incentive they’ll never forget?

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Let us create the ideal itinerary to motivate and inspire your star performers.  The world awaits!

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